Wednesday, August 26, 2009

L & I.../ St. George Newborn Photographer

Look at these two...8 days old and the tiniest, sweetest little things. I mean, one baby is great, but two is amazing!






Adrienne said...

Oh so sweet and so tiny!!

jen said...

They turned out great! Such cuties.

Chris and KayDee said...

Lonnie they are so dang cute!! THey are perfect!

Stephannie said...

These twins are so adorable I can't believe how tiny they are...awesome pictures!!

Jamison said...

What Cute lucky to have double the fun!!

Danny said...

Lonnie & Chris,
Congratulations and God bless you & your 2 little beautiful Angels... Uncle Danny :)

Danny said...

Chris & Lonnie,
I am so grateful and happy for you and for my 1st great-grand twins. They are so beautifully perfect. Eternal love always, Great Grandma Mary Lynn Adams Tyrell

Valerie said...

wow, what amazing pictures! You are so good at taking pictures of newborns, I love them both in the basket and i love the last one with her little hands on her face. SO GOOD!