Friday, August 28, 2009

Fashion Friday {Southern Utah Children's Photographer}

So, I only missed, ummmm, 4 weeks or so. I promise to do better. It is not for a lack of cute clothes to blog about...just time. So, I have three fun girl outfits today. No boys. I think I am still in mourning over my son cutting off my daughters curly locks and all I can think is girly and pretty (though Miss P does look cute even with her short do.) The first outfits are from Janie and Jack. I have been eying this line forever and it is finally on sale. I may have to have my own little photoshoot in one of these outfits!




Stephanie said...

L-O-V-E Chasing Fireflies--wish I could buy something from there!

Andrea said...

shut up, LOL.

I just ordered the CF outfit on Thursday in the purple (and 2 more Lemon Loves Lime outfits from Little Luna Blue) if you need a model...we'll have the clothes :0). There is a matching ruffle hat too. So cute!!!

staci said...

Oh so cute! There's that darling Janie & Jack skirt we saw in the store! :) Love the Chasing Fireflies stuff too. I was looking at their website the other night. I had to seriously restrain myself from breaking out the credit card.