Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Baby H {St. George Newborn Photographer}

This little guy was a JOY to photograph. He was content the whole time and would let me curl him in any way I chose! What a sweet little thing!




I think this is one of my new all time favorite newborn shots!


annebabe said... the one with the blue and brown knitted stocking cap . . . IT IS TERRIFIC!! I am in love it. He is such a dang handsome little fellow. fantastic photos. makes me want to snuggle a newborn. sigh.

staci said...

This makes me a tiny bit baby hungry. Surprised? Ya, me too. He is one sweet little guy.

Lisa and Bryce said...

My favorite is actually the last one on the all white blanket! What an angel!

Tara said...

My favorite newborns to date! I L O V E these!!!!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

So sweet. Great pics!

jen said...

These are so stinkin' cute!!!! I LOVE the last two pics. Great job.