Monday, October 5, 2009

Fashion Monday?? {St. George Photographer}

So, I am a few days late with this, but I did get the looks picked before Friday! We went out of town for the weekend so between packing and whatnot, I just couldn't get it all together! Anyway...these are some great looks for parents. All the looks are from Boden. Boden is so great at putting various pieces together and making them look awesome. I love the layers. They photograph really well and they allow you to coordinate more easily with other family members. For instance, the outfit with the red coat could be paired with a cute denim skirt and shirt for a little girl and the boys could wear sweaters in colors that match the shirt or plain polos. The red makes a real statement. If you notice, her heels are the plum color of the man's outfit to the left of it. Those two outfits would look awesome in pictures. They are casual enough to still be comfortable, but a little more than the daily Target t-shirt (hello me) and comfortable jeans. Make sense? Adding outer wear makes all of these outfits more unique. Also, love the scarf on the middle bottom man's outfit. Just a little detail that adds a lot.

And, I don't think you have to go to Boden to get a look like this. I bet most of us have pieces in our current wardrobe that could be added to liven our outfit up a bit. Check out Boden for great ideas though!


Andrea said...

Johnnie Boden is my best friend. Good thing too since I've spend our life savings there over the last few years. I LOVE how they put outfits together too. Boden does not fit me at all (the shirts are all like 5 inches too short)...but the ideas are fabulous, I agree.

annebabe said...

So if I buy their clothes and have photograph me in them, I'll look as good as them? Is that what you're guaranteeing? Because if that's the case, I'm in.

stace said...

only if you are doing the exact same pose and facial expression :).

staci said...

I so could not pull any of those outfits off. But they are all dang cute!