Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photoshop Tutoring

After much thought on the matter I have decided to offer Photoshop one on one tutoring. I have played with the idea of a class, but it is just too much of a time committment for everyone involved, plus the logistics were a little tricky. So, I think this is the perfect alternative!
Here are the details:

One on One Photoshop Tutoring
$100 for 2 hours
Held either at your home or mine

Learn how all the tools and options work, layers, masks, history, actions etc. I will also teach some options for converting to black and white and color pop. We will get through as much as possible in the two hours and then if you want more we can schedule additional sessions!
For more info, call me at 435.313.3421 or email at staciashawphotography (at) gmail (dot) com


Stephanie said...

Are you taking this gig on the road? I need help here in Henderville... I'm serious!! Call me!

Tara said...

Steph told me about this. I'm so excited. When will this blessed tutoring take place?

I'm so lucky to have a cousin with such talent. You are amazing Stac!

Andrea said...

I'm in for sure. My list of photoshop wants may take days...