Friday, September 25, 2009

You've Been Shot!

Want to take better pictures??
Have a digital SLR??

Then, this class is for you!

We have decided to offer another digital photography class! Come and be taught by yours truly and another {awesome} local photographer. We will start at the beginning and you will leave using your camera completely in manual and actually knowing what all the buttons do! It is very intense and a lot of fun! Lunch and a light dinner are provided! Please contact me will any questions...
info (at) staciashaw (dot) com

February 4


February 6th

and any of you who have taken it, I would love for you to leave a comment as to what you learned and why you loved it :)!

Save your pennies and hope to see you there. Class size is limited, so sign up early!



lorilynn said...

I'll be the first to comment on this one. I always wanted to move into Manual mode, but needed some help to make things "click" for me. And, I have to say that this workshop was the ticket. Finally, someone could explain things in normal language and give me some hands on experience that made it all come together. Now, I love Manual mode and am so thankful for this workshop. I've taken the best shots of my life this past year since I took the class. I still have tons to learn, but at least I understand my camera now and can apply new ideas with this awesome tool. I highly recommend the class. It was fun and packed with great information. You'll love it!

jen said...

This was a great class. I loved all the hands on learning. The teachers were fantastic and they really broke everything down into simple terms. I felt much more confident with my camera once I had gone to the class. I definitely recommend it! You will have a lot of fun.

Becky said...

Taking this class was such a good decision. I have always loved photography but felt like I needed some help to take it to the next level. I can not say enough about the instructors and their amazing teaching style. The same things I had read and heard and learned all came together for me. I have not taken a picture on Auto since I took the class. My pictures are so much better and I am inspired now to keep working at it! If you have the chance to take the class do it. You will be so glad you did!

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Take the class!! LOVE this picture :)