Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashion Friday!

I have so many clients ask me about what they should wear and believe me, I know how hard it is to choose clothes for pictures. So, I decided to start posting some clothing ideas each friday to help all of my clients know what sorts of outfits photograph well!

These outfits are all from the Gap...I love the Gap for photo clothes. They are classic, edgy, fun and can be layered so well. You really can find something for almost anyone!

The best thing about Fashion Friday is that anyone who uses one of the outfit suggestions for an actual photo session will get a $75 discount on their session fee. How does that sound?? Dress great and save money!




staci said...

Fantastic idea! the Gap giving you kick backs for promoting their clothes?? They should!! :) Love that dress you have on this weeks edition! Super cute! Can't wait to see more!!

annebabe said...

great idea! I'm with Staci B, Gap should be giving you a kickback. ;)