Friday, March 13, 2009


I just got back from a FANTASTIC photography workshop in Phoenix! I feel inspired and my love for photography is as strong as ever!! I will be making a lot of exciting new changes to my business in the next few months as well as introducing new products and I can't wait. I will also be making some price changes and want to offer my current prices to anyone that schedules AND pays by May 1st. You can book as many sessions as you want and I really recommend scheduling your Christmas sessions as well!

I am also going to start a monthly "client education" article that talks about a various aspect of photography and how you can distinguish a good photograph from a great photograph.

I am so thrilled with these changes so keep checking back for information and some fun contests!!


Harts said...

Yay I am excited for your articles. I love the pictures above too. Can't wait for my session and one of these days I need to schedule my follow up from the photo workshop in Jan, I have some pictures I have taken now. By the way, any one who reads this...take the photo workshop when it's offered. IT'S AWESOME! and you learn lots and lots of good info ;)

Cory said...

Which workshop was it that you attended?